The 5 golden rules for Pariani’s customers satisfaction

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The achievement of these targets represents a precise hi-level corporate choice on a basic aspect of customer satisfaction that Pariani intends to manage for a long-lasting business relationship.
It’s a choice that covers all the possible declinations of the product and the project, from those of an ethical-relational nature, to those related to the organizational, technical and economic aspects. Basically, all that concerns the offer of quality in services and products, from the phase of customer’s request for quotation to post-sales support, passing from design, qualification and production. An approach that is not only measured in quantitative terms, but above all qualitative, because certain excellence lies in “what” but we believe that it is also in “how” a product or service is proposed and that it is the sum of technical values, ethical and empathetic that Pariani puts at the head of its corporate philosophy.


These are keys aspects that are monitored and fulfilled starting from the moment the customer comes into contact with our reality.
Their fulfilment follows the codified rules of our procedures and a profitable business relationship that is hard to codify but which is breathed during all stages of development and production.


In Pariani there are not only standard solutions, everything can be customized to better meet the customer requirements.
In a reality as particular as the aerospace world, the open-mindedness in relations with the customer becomes extremely important.

Flexibility means for Pariani the skill to exploit its know-how gained in over 40 years of activity in the aerospace market to identify the best solution that meets the customer’s requirement, in the customers interests.


Knowing how to always look ahead, the ability to find new solutions and apply advanced technologies to offer customers the opportunity to have the best technology or technical solution becomes fundamental for a modern company that aims to improve customer loyalty.


A good customer retention strategy based on collaboration and willingness to engage in  dialogue consolidates relationship with a growing number of loyal customers and leads to new ones.
According to a quality expert such as A. Parasuraman of the University of Miami: “The only criteria that counts in the evaluation of the quality of the service are those defined by the customers, all the other judgments are substantially irrelevant. particular, depend on the more or less high level of the supplier’s performance in relation to customer expectations”.