Virtual Cockpit, a window into the future

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When we think about Italy, we recall immediately the pleasures of food, the breath-taking landscapes, famous fashion stylists, but also hi-quality technology, engines and world-renowned brands like Ferrari and Ducati, a country that develops winning and innovative technology.

In Pariani we work hard to stay at the cutting edge of design with our approach that favours functional integration with the aim to grant substantial benefits to the user.

We are driven by the passion for technology and design, and we set ourselves ambitious goals to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Our Virtual Cockpit technology, integrated into our 100% Made in Italy consoles, in the shape of a Glass Band or directly into the bridge is the perfect synthesis of this philosophy.

The clean lines of the Virtual Cockpit define dynamic shapes, visually light and pleasant and enhanced by the perfection of details.

Virtual Cockpit is an exclusive system, able to monitor navigation parameters and to view them in a new and modern way without compromising simplicity or usability.

An unedited solution in the naval industry that combines shape and function in the most advanced control station you could experience, allowing us to set a new benchmark in the development of integrated control bridges.



The design, sporty and elegant, integrates typical elements of the automotive world and the perfect integration with the command bridge improves aesthetics and functionality giving a fancy and minimalist look as well as functional.

Add Virtual Cockpit technology to each console to benefit from functional integration and aesthetic pleasure, and if you have different graphic solutions in mind, Pariani staff will be honoured to support you to turn them into your one and only Virtual Cockpit.

Our design wants to excite

not only those who use our products

but also

those who have the pleasure to see and touch them.

A concept that we have always followed and that over the years has been strengthened to go hand in hand with technological progress and the general evolution of style.