New Headquarters

500 281 Pariani Srl

As of today, Monday, May 13th, our new headquarters in Ferno, located at Via Gorizia n. 148/150, is officially up and running!

Our registered office remains in Samarate, at Via Aspesi 1.

What’s changing?

Everything… and nothing!

Nothing: We bring with us the same passion and dedication that have distinguished us for 50 years in our historic headquarters. Our values and our commitment to our customers remain as strong as ever.

Everything: We are excited about our new “home,” a modern and functional space that will allow us to offer you even better service and face new challenges with enthusiasm and innovation.

Why the move?

We carefully selected this new location, choosing a modern and functional space that fully reflects our values and ambitions. The new structure will allow us to:

  • Offer you even better service: Larger and better-equipped spaces will allow us to work more efficiently and collaboratively, ensuring you receive faster and more punctual service.
  • Create a stimulating work environment: The new spaces, bright and welcoming, will foster creativity, discussion, and collaboration among our employees, to the benefit of the quality of our work.
  • Project ourselves towards the future: The new headquarters represents an investment in our future, a space that will allow us to grow and face new challenges with enthusiasm and innovation.

For any questions or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are confident that this new headquarters will be a stimulating and productive workplace, where we will continue to build strong and lasting relationships with all our customers.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and cooperation.

Best regards,

The Pariani Srl Team

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