Design Styles

Something Beautiful

Italian design as a state of mind

In every bridge, if you care about the design and the functionality you produce something beautiful.

Pariani developes it’s own line styles and enables artists to design innovative projects and to explore new ideas.

The designers can work with innovative shapes, great selection of finishings for the metal frames and printed layer combining style and technology to define a new core for each command bridge.

It’s already clear that the future of your command bridge is unfolding in front of your eyes.


The aerospace shapes in your bridge.

A central body with clean lines but with a fighting spirit bring the commanders to a next level.


Automotive italian style

Character and technology for a full digital console.

Aggressive colors, metal inserts and display band, make it the most trendy console and satisfy the taste of sporty and demanding commanders.


Elegant, simply and balanced like the greatest italian sports cars.


The other side of Lusso!

A whole new world of integrated bridge designed around the commander