Powerful technologies in an incredibly compact footprint

Thanks to the full in-house design for system, HW and SW, SMART can be tailored to any Customer requirement.

The aerospace Infotainment backbone

Aircrafts continue to evolve into sophisticated electronics platforms, increasing the demand for reliable and simple solutions to support audio, video and data communications.

SMART can be used to connect multiple consumer devices directly to one another or in a network configuration.

As a synchronous network, SMART provides excellent Quality of Service and seamless connectivity for audio/video streaming.

SMART is a complete and customizable solution for:

  • Cabin Management System (CMS)
  • In Flight Entertainment (IFE)

With the focus from the utility up to the most luxury aircrafts

Pariani shares its technology with all the partners that want to add SMART features to their IFE & CMS

Not only a CONCEPT

SMART is an innovative technology for fast time to market solutions

Thanks to the SMART HW and SW package, SMART is 100% ready for the final customer needs

  • The SMART hardware is a LEGO concept, a lot of small bricks can be assembled to create complex and powerful systems
  • Plug and play functionality allows SMART devices to be easily attached and removed
  • The Customer can develop its SMART HMI to fit the interior design language or Pariani can do it

15Kg less compared to the main competitor.

This means ability to carry more payload

Full control at your fingertips!

Control lights, stream video, share documents and browse the web faster from pretty much anywhere with 802.11ac Wi-Fi

No apps to download, connect your personal devices to the Network and enjoy your flight

Our solution includes a wide set of templates

that can be customized to fit the interior design Language.

All audio and video streams are synchronized.

Configure all the monitors you like, no jitter will bother your flight.

Reduction of weight, volume and cost of wiring harness


Custom cables with a lot of different kind of connectors

One cable and one connector for all devices

Reduction of media server complexity and weight, promoting a distributed architecture


Standard Server

SMART Micro Server

Simplification of architecture by modular system design


Complex Network with different topologies

SMART Network