Virtual Bridge (VB)

Touch Screen Interface

Virtual Bridge (VB) is a powerful embedded application that can act as the Backup of the Glass/Foil Bridge or works standalone for a full touch screen experience.
The Virtual Bridge can be used with one or more displays and is the basic layer for the Virtual Cockpit.
Our custom made Touch screens grant the highest level of safety as all of our systems based on the avionic technology.

Advanced Diagnostic And Maintenance (ADAM) is a powerful feature of the VB for a real-time continuous diagnostic of the Command Bridge.
ADAM can monitor:

  • Single module error
  • Extended Bus error
  • Extended Power Supply Lines error
  • Lamp Test Error (indicators, backlights, alarms)

Virtual Bridge increases system reliability and safety providing a full redundant system: if a single module fails, the functionality is preserved on the VB interface.

Automatic Backup is quickly switched-on on the VB display.