Electronic equipment

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Pariani shares a long experience in avionic applications for a wide choice of electronic and SW solutions.
Starting from simple and dedicated units up to microcontroller and/or DSP boards, Pariani is currently on-board on the major Leonardo’s Programs.

Transilluminated panels

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Transilluminated panels are manufactured in accordance with the latest specifications e.g. MIL-P 7788 for military and commercial applications.
According to the customers specification, the light source can be LED’s, Filament or electroluminescent and the custom optical design is managed with the powerful 3D mechanical and optical CAD tools.
For the MIL-ST 3009 NVIS compliance, tests are performed with the state of the art Measuring equipment.
Transilluminated panel are used in our Keyboards, control panel, Switch panel and bezels.


Integration of annunciators, keys and LED backlighting controllers is always possible.

Pariani uses simple hardware to control PWM dimming curve and annunciators levels granting a fine tune expecially at low luminace level.

Displays & DHA

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With a long experience in optics and Human Machine Interfaces, Pariani apply AMLCD technology developing custom solutions for the backlight and filtering to meet customer requirements for NVIS Compatibility, sunlight readability, military and avionic requirements.

Pariani shares complete solutions for ruggedized fanless Mission Displays with COTS or Custom driving boards to easily interface the video signals.

Pariani has the In-House capability to cut and seal AMLCD for ruggedized out of standard solutions.

Flight Simulators

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Pariani is a proven supplier of simulated instruments for fixed wing and rotary wings types starting from CPT up to FFS.

This experience provides the confidence that the project requirements, budget, and schedule will be met.
Designs can include MCUs and firmware to enable interfaces to a wide range of protocols.

Even if you need a complete development of a simulated equipment, or if you need to rework the original parts, Pariani has the right high-value solution.

  • High Tech Equipment/panels very similar to the original, at significantly lower costs granting reliability, efficiency and maintainability
  • Great attention to the details and same technology of the original parts for the HMI and backlight.
  • Modular design based on embedded industrial technologies

Control Panels

  • Cost-effective solutions with original or industrial grade switches and controls to meet the budget requirements.
  • NVIS compatibility.
  • Equipped with powerful MCUs in order to interface the HMI to the System BUS.

Flight Commands and Grips

  • Cost-effective solutions with original or industrial grade switches and controls.
  • Grips, sticks, throttles and pedals made in hi-tech materials


  • Realized on customer specification using MS and/or industrials standards.
  • Laser wire marking for a clear identification on all cables.

Cabin interior products

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Elegant and luxury parts to meet high taylored level.

Working with the most important designers in the VIP Avionic market we can offer the state-of-the art interior design components.
We can develop and supply custom solutions for the interiors like reading lights, Dome lights, Ambient lights, Air vents, Hooks, Cup holders, ashtray and much more according to your custom design.

Reading Ligts

  • LED technology
  • RGB, Cool, Warm or Dynamic White to meet customer interior design
  • Wide selection for Business or VIP finishings
  • DO-160 qualified

Air Vents

  • Metal or Plastic, CNC or Moulding to meet customer budget and Style
  • Wide selection for Business or VIP finishings

PSUs and Keyboards

Custom solutions combining air vents, lights, switches and much more.

Airborne video products

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Pariani has a complete solution of modular devices to set-up customized system like:

  • HD Digital Videocameras
  • Digital PTZ Cameras
  • IR Microbolometer Cameras
  • Gyrostabilized Gimbals
  • 360° Real time full immersive videos
  • MMI with tactical grade digital map

Pariani developes the HW and the SW of each module and customization are always possible to meet custom requirements.