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Pariani Srl & 3D Printing to stop CoVid19 spread

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Samarate, Coronavirus, Pariani Srl mette a disposizione del territorio il suo impianto di manifattura additiva.


SAMARATE – La maschera Full Face Mask Sea VU Dry + da maschera per snorkeling a strumento salvavita per fronteggiare l’emergenza Coronavirus negli ospedali.

Pariani Srl, industria 100% made in Italy con sede a Samarate ed operante principalmente nel settore dell’Aerospazio, in collaborazione con Mares e Nuovamacut, mette a disposizione il proprio impianto di manifattura additiva, meglio conosciuta come 3D printing, per produrre i collettori da applicare alle Full Face Mask Sea VU Dry + e che, grazie al grande lavoro di ingegneria di Sergio Angelini, Valerio Palmieri e Michele Sambo ne consentono la trasformazione in strumenti salvavita per  terapie sub-intensive.

Delle maschere da sub della Decathlon si è parlato molto nei giorni scorsi, ma esiste anche l’italianissima soluzione basata su un prodotto di un’azienda italiana, la Mares Spa di Rapallo, leader nella produzione di attrezzature per immersione che in questi giorni di lock-down totale ha riaperto la produzione per soddisfare le esigenze degli ospedali alla disperata caccia di strumenti per la ventilazione, decisivi nei reparti in prima linea contro il Covid-19.

«Un’iniziativa a titolo gratuito» per rifornire le strutture sanitarie di apparecchiature indispensabili per curare i pazienti Covid.

Un primo lotto di queste maschere modificate è già stato consegnato all’Ospedale di Parma, al Bellaria di Bologna e Villa Scassi di Genova. Oggi riceveranno maschere a Piacenza, Torino, Cuneo, Pinerolo, Pavia, Caserta, Belluno.

Gli operatori sanitari e le strutture che necessitano di queste maschere possono mettersi in contatto con con noi all’indirizzo: o direttamente con Mares all’indirizzo:

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Monaco Yacht Show 25-28/09/2019

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Set in the iconic Port Hercules in the principality of Monaco, the Monaco Yacht Show represents the pinnacle of luxury.

Each year, the MYS curates the exhibition of 125+ extraordinary one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards and welcomes leaders from the yachting industry.

In September, the yachting industry turns its focus exclusively to the MYS where forty or so new launches are annually unveiled in a worldwide debut.

580 exhibiting companies and partners participate in the growing success of the MYS.

Monaco provides the ultimate showcase for industry influencers from the most reputable superyacht builders, award winning yacht designers, luxury suppliers, influential brokerage houses to the most sought-after water toys, prestige cars, helicopter and private jet manufacturers.

The MYS is the premiere luxury event worldwide where visitors can discover the greatest aspects of superyachting against the glamorous backdrop of Monaco and to experience Pariani’s solution for integrated command bridges in a contemporary design and state of the art technology.

Meet us at  Monaco Yacht Show 2019 (25-28 September 2019),

Darse Sud,  Telemar Yachting stand # DS67.

Pariani at MAKS – 2019 – Rassegna stampa

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Rassegna stampa sull’esperienza del distretto aerospaziale al MAKS 2019, l’esposizione russa che offre un’opportunità unica agli esperti del settore e agli uomini d’affari per stabilire connessioni multilivello, sviluppare ulteriormente la cooperazione industriale e trovare nuovi partner commerciali.


Dicono di noi.



Pariani at MAKS – 2019

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The main objective of MAKS is to demonstrate achievements of Russian high tech and receptiveness of the domestic Russian market to joint projects with foreign partners.

MAKS provides a comprehensive insight into the priorities and achievements of the Russian aerospace industry. Some prototypes of aircrafts and combat systems as well as experimental units that for one reason or another cannot be shown abroad, are demonstrate exclusively at MAKS.

Pariani is pleased to announce its participation at MAKS 2019 , August 27 – September 1 2019 – Moscow Aviasalon, Russia

Pariani’s stand features SMART, the new generation of In-Flight Entertainment and Cabin Management System (IFE & CMS) plus a great selection of accessories for VVIP cabin interiors.

Come to visit us at booth number F3-B23.9 in the Italian area.

Dalla Terra Alla Luna 2019

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50° anniversario del primo allunaggio – 50° anniversario della scoperta dell’Area megalitica di Aosta

Una serie di eventi di divulgazione scientifica, in programma durante il mese di luglio 2019, commemora la storica impresa spaziale e al tempo stesso celebra il patrimonio archeologico dell’Area megalitica di Aosta.

In Pariani, siamo molto attenti alla promozione delle iniziative del nostro territorio soprattutto per quelle orientate alla divulgazione scientifica in campo aerospaziale ed aeronautico.

Siamo lieti di aver collaborato con l’amico Dario Kubler e l’associazione ASIMOF alla costruzione del modulo di comando  COLUMBIA della missione APOLLO11.

Questi ragazzi sono fantastici e gli auguriamo tutto il successo che meritano!

WAC Solo, here’s how the future borns

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Automatic processing, hand finishing, strong tests and exclusive materials: let’s see how the most innovative and ever desired integrated control bridge borns.

System design

The process begins in our engineering department where the system engineer defines with the shipyard the list of equipment to be managed by the new bridge.

For each of these systems is defined the command tree that will be implemented and/or the related options.

Design language

The next step is the definition of the design language and the materials.

Our designers work closely with the customer to select the right combination according to their tastes.

Each yacht is an unique piece and so must be your console. Every detail can be customized according to your needs.

Mechanical and electrical design

The work of engineers begins only after this phase, they industrialize every form and design the electronics that will give form and function to the new console.

Our design phase covers all aspects of the product development process, such as design, verification, sustainable design, communication and data management, through an integrated and continuous workflow.


CNC Machining

To achieve the best possible precision, the parts are built with automatic processes, such as CNC machining for mechanical parts and pick & place assembly for electronic parts.

The mechanical department can count on 3-4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers, even on large dimensions, in order to work any piece and any material that has been defined.

PCB Assembly

Our electronic boards are assembled on very precise pick & place machines able to mount micro-components with minimum dimensions up to 0.250×0.125mm.

After the assembly, the boards undergo a vapor phase welding process which allows a superior, fault-free and completely uniform welding quality with a 0% risk of overheating.

Glass Milling

With advanced CNC-machines, we can mill all kinds of shapes and notches in a glass bedding which machines edges to a very high quality polished finish

Craftman work

But you know, art is not a process of the machines and so all the aesthetic finishes are carried out in a traditional way by expert personnel.

Surface treatments, painting, seawing, everything must be in the name of the single piece, not made in series but not imperfect and therefore, this phase takes 2 months. Everything must be perfect, without compromise.

Stress screening and Test

Every mechanical part is dimensional checked with a very strict dimensional control.

The electronic boards are 100% tested and subjected to an operating environmental stress screening (ESS) that subjects them to 72 hours of thermal cycles cooling them down to -20 ° C and then heating them up to 60 ° C many and many times.

In this way, any functional imperfections in the assembly processes are amplified and intercepted.

Cards that do not pass this very severe tests are rejected and dismissed.

Final Assembly

Moving to the Assembly Area, the final assembly team of mechanics and electricians alternate their effort for about two weeks.

The parts are assembled according to standardized procedures at the end of which tests are provided to guarantee precision and repeatability at the highest levels.

An artisan product that is assembled with aeronautical methodology acquires a high value, destined to last over time.

End Line

Once assembly is complete, an endurance test is performed at the end-line.

The console is powered and stimulated with automatic tests for at least 7 days.

In this phase, every parameter such as board temperature, bus data errors, component status and many others are monitored by the “built-in-test” process.

Each anomaly is recorded and managed according to strict internal rules.


When this pure technology artwork is ready, a complete FAT is performed in the presence of the shipyard and of the naval register which, after having analyzed all the project and system documentation, certifies its suitability for naval use, the famous “Type Approved”.


The console is now ready to be shipped to the shipyard.

It is now dismantled into sub-assemblies and packaged in a suitable container to ensure its transport, protected from impacts and adverse atmospheric agents.

Pariani at AIX Aircraft Interiors Expo – 2019

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Aircraft Interiors Expo is the global must attend event to see the latest ideas and innovations in aircraft interiors.

Pariani is pleased to announce its participation at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 , 2-4 April 2019 – Hamburg Messe, Germany

Pariani’s stand features SMART, the new generation of In-Flight Entertainment and Cabin Management System (IFE & CMS).

Come to visit us at booth number 4UC31, Hall 4 Upper in the IFEC building.

WAC Solo, here’s how the future is born (1/2)

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In the designer’s job there are some basic rules that define the product you want to realize and, if there are no constrains, we design with these rules in mind, sometimes even overcoming them. Designing a new console is a team effort that involves not only our designers but also the shipyard and the design center that takes care of the Yacht design.

Sometimes it happens that the shipyard, the customer’s designer or the production itself (rarely) define constraints and that our design center must take steps backwards, limiting what could be the result in terms of innovation, strength and balance.

Fortunately, these are exceptional events.

It was not so for our concept “WAC Solo” that innovates in terms of ergonomics, design and technology and prefigures the solutions of the integrated control bridges that will be adopted in future productions.

It tooks eight months to give life to our “WAC Solo” which was shown for the first time at MYS 2017.

This concept is a refined product of design and engineering that, for its design, involved interior and exterior designers whose pencils were inspired by the automotive world.

At the beginning it bounced like ping-pong balls between a design that privileged the ostentation of technology and a minimalist one, then we found the convergence between these two philosophies and, without any technical constraints, we designed the lines of the most attractive integrated console ever, the WAC Solo.

The result of this work is a walk around console for single operator, with minimalistic crystal dashboard and a futuristic cockpit that with its essential lines delimits the shape of our glass band, an infinite display that visualizes the navigation parameters.

The other characteristic elements are the navigation controls (rudder and throttle levers) and the stands of the monitors that extrude from the structure and invisibly support the high definition screens.

The lightness shape and the materials are combined with a system of ambient lights that is harmonized with the integrated console and the glass band.

In this way, the WAC Solo, is placed at the center of the wheel house as an important visual presence but, at the same time, able to blend with the surrounding environment.

The beauty of a concept is that the ideas from which it originates are often developed without any technical constraints, the beauty of WAC Solo is that its realization has not taken any step behind what was imagined by its designers.

The beauty of a concept is that the ideas from which it originates are often developed

without any technical constraint,

the beauty of WAC Solo is that its realization has not taken any step behind what was imagined by its designers.

T28 Cockpit Refit

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Pariani is an industrial reality that acts as centre of gravity for many flight enthusiasts, including former workers in the aviation industry, pilots, mechanics and designers.

With these people, who share the same passion with us, it often happens that a business relationship also becomes friendship.

This happened with the commander Oliver Linde who we met over 20 years ago and that we still meet often to have fun with him to transform in reality ideas that many would consider crazy.

In this story, we want to talk about how we collaborated on his last adventure to transform his little dream (not so small) into reality.

When Oliver bought his last jewel, a post-war T28 and took it to the Locarno airport we, but I also think many other friends, took him for crazy!

He wants to refurbish a 70-year-old plane! And not only that, he had in mind to update the avionics adding a new generation of instruments on a cockpit that was already full of hands and switches! This time it seems he was really dreaming

… then … one day … he comes to us with a millimeter sheet on which he had redesigned the cockpit. He moved some gauges to make space for others and, without neglecting ergonomics, he added everything he wanted.

At least the cockpit could be done! Oliver started immediatly disassembling the cockpit, but when he began to remove the first instruments, the harnesses aged by time showed their fragility and precariousness! Anyone would be discouraged, instead Oliver has found new charge and decided to redo the entire electrical system.

Meanwhile, in Pariani we did a reverse engineering of the original cockpit and made some wooden mock-ups to verify the design and the ergonomics of the new layout.

It took a bit ‘of time to organize all the cockpit at best maintaining the right strength but after few weeks we built the final structural parts for the cockpit NG (New Generation) that in the meantime had evolved further to accommodate some other instrument … in case the ones already included in the first idea were not enough.

The second step was to create new transilluminated panels, in particular the breaker panels that had to be updated to manage the new electronic systems. The entire backlighting of the cockpit has been made using LEDs (Type VII)  according to the latest aeronautical standards, for example the SAE AS-7788F.

The third step, no less important and challenging, was to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the most worn original HMIs. The result was beyond expectations, tools from the middle of the last century seemed to have just come out of the factory and did not disfigure at all by the newest MFDs.

Meanwhile, the electrical design team worked on the connections of new electronic instruments such as MFD, GPS, IMU …. To animate the dashboard and make a jump ahead in time of almost a century.

The cockpit could never been so cool!

Now, the Captain Oliver Linde is ready to fly.

Have fun, dear friend!

Stay updated and tuned on his facebook page:

Maker Faire 2018

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La novità dell’ edizione 2018 del Maker Faire Rome è l’area dedicata allo Spazio allestita in collaborazione con la Sezione Italiana della British Interplanetary Society e della Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale dell’Università Sapienza di Roma.

Siamo orgogliosi di aver collaborato alla realizzazione di una tra le attrazioni principali di questa area : il leggendario Apollo Guidance Computer, una delle più grandi innovazioni del programma Apollo, del quale si celebrerà il 50° anniversario.

Ospite d’onore Don Eyles, programmatore ed ingegnere del MIT nonchè maker d’eccezione che ha avuto un ruolo chiave in tutte le missioni lunari.

Per maggiori informazioni:

MFR 2018: la novità quest’anno è il Maker for Space