Smart Display is an all-in-one display solution powered by an embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) semiconductor, quad core CPU and Android OS for a Smart multimedia experience.
Android gives the opportunity to play games, surf internet, view and edit documents and much more.


The beauty of simplicity combined with modern elegance.
The clean and flawless finish of the rear of the Smart displays, with no visible cables is a feature to be shown.


All in one place.
SMART displays collect a variety of content to be displayed on the screen and with its multitouch interface manage the CMS and IFE.

Built-In Wi-Fi

Enjoy the versatility of expanded connectivity to mobile devices for easy media sharing.

Screen size

SMART Displays are FullHD (1920×1080) and are available in the following sizes:
24.5”, 21.5”, 17.3”, 15.6”, 13.3”, 12.0″, 10.4″, 8.0″

Multi-Point Capacitive Touch Technology

Enjoy the multitouch interface with up to 10 simultaneous touchpoints