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Made in lightweight metal, is the turn key solution for a “plug and play” experience.
Designed to meet the Yard and End User requirements, integrates custom made drawers, hatches, ventilation ducts, displays, command bridge and its electronic equipment.
Pariani can supply the console with 3rd party electronic equipment installed and with its electrical connections so the installation time is dramatically reduced.

For an easy installation in the wheelhouse, the console can be made in modules.

Because the console and the modules are completely produced in our mechanical dept, we grant a perfect alignement with the control panels, so so you must think only of external finishings.


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Our Display Design is the shape of things to come.
We can supply a contemporary design reboxing and integrating 3rd party displays or developing a custom made aesthetic solution around our avionic display technology.

The display family starts from a small 3.5″ up to a 19″.

Each display can be customized with a touch screen in PCAP or Resistive technology and a wide choice of fieldbus interface and/or discrete I/O interface.

Virtual Cockpit (VC)

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A fully customizable solution to show the navigation data in your bridge with high resolution and avionic grade technology.
Layout, style and colors can be changed “on the fly” to meet the scenario configuration in the bridge.

While Underway, the Gyrorepeater is dominant in the middle of the cluster, while manouvring, the Thrusters became dominant.
If one display fails, a monitoring process reconfigure the visualization granting an exponential level of redundancy.

It’s an option for the Virtual Bridge


Completely focused to lead the ship. The thin line in the horizon, creates a scenario seamless.


Aggressive design for the cockpit cluster  with intuitive monochromatic instrument layout.

Virtual Bridge (VB)

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Virtual Bridge (VB) is a powerful embedded application that can act as the Backup of the Glass/Foil Bridge or works standalone for a full touch screen experience.
The Virtual Bridge can be used with one or more displays and is the basic layer for the Virtual Cockpit.
Our custom made Touch screens grant the highest level of safety as all of our systems based on the avionic technology.

Advanced Diagnostic And Maintenance (ADAM) is a powerful feature of the VB for a real-time continuous diagnostic of the Command Bridge.
ADAM can monitor:

  • Single module error
  • Extended Bus error
  • Extended Power Supply Lines error
  • Lamp Test Error (indicators, backlights, alarms)

Virtual Bridge increases system reliability and safety providing a full redundant system: if a single module fails, the functionality is preserved on the VB interface.

Automatic Backup is quickly switched-on on the VB display.

WAC Solo

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Imagination and Italian design as a state of mind brings together innovative shapes, great selection of finishes, style and technology.

Pariani Design Team creates an amazing cockpit to visualize new shapes for the next generation command bridges.
The concept combines a pioneering fluctuating design with a robust and powerful technology.


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Walk Around the future!
After the success at MYS 2015
and at 56th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show,

The future is now!

Doesn’t merely preview tomorrow’s design language, WAC is the most advanced , safe and comfortable cockpit.

And beneath its compelling outer appearance lies breakthrough technology that’s coming to the avionic market.

Words cannot do this work of art justice, come and see it for yourself in our show-room* and Upgrade your Bridge to the WAC!

*Go to the contact form to book the visit to our show room.

Design Styles

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Italian design as a state of mind

In every bridge, if you care about the design and the functionality you produce something beautiful.

Pariani developes it’s own line styles and enables artists to design innovative projects and to explore new ideas.

The designers can work with innovative shapes, great selection of finishings for the metal frames and printed layer combining style and technology to define a new core for each command bridge.

It’s already clear that the future of your command bridge is unfolding in front of your eyes.


The aerospace shapes in your bridge.

A central body with clean lines but with a fighting spirit bring the commanders to a next level.


Automotive italian style

Character and technology for a full digital console.

Aggressive colors, metal inserts and display band, make it the most trendy console and satisfy the taste of sporty and demanding commanders.


Elegant, simply and balanced like the greatest italian sports cars.


The other side of Lusso!

A whole new world of integrated bridge designed around the commander

Yatching Command Bridge

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Aviation Quality Bridge, fully type approved by class* in Italian Contemporary Design

Touch the future with JIT (Just in Touch) or FEM (Foil Electro Mechanical) technology for a tactile response in either glass or foil.

Just In Touch ( JIT ) Technology

A solid glass surface on a lightweight metal frame with a custom made digital printing Just In Touch (JIT) technology applied to the Glass Bridge represent the state of the art capacitive technology.
JIT improves the user experience and allows a minimal and stylish design, granting high safety operation of the system.
An adaptive proprietary algorithm, monitor the environmental conditions and re-tune the system to give the optimal touch sensitivity.

Foil Electro Mechanical (FEM) Technology

A lightweight metal frame with a printed polyester film that cover the electronics and 3rd party elements.
Foil  Electro Mechanical (FEM) represent the state of the art electro mechanical technology and can be customized in layout, colors and keyboard actuation force.

Common Features
These are the most reliable technologies on the market ensured by Pariani avionic background.

Both Technologies are now available as the new standards for the coolest Command Bridge and can be combined to meet the aesthetic and user experience requirements.

Pariani modular system main features are:

  • Buttons/Keyboards management
  • LED technology indicators, alarms and backlight with RGB colour and dimming capabilities
  • Joystics and trackballs management
  • 3rd party discrete I/O, Protocols and Backlight management
  • Integrated LCD instruments repeaters
  • High reliability and safety granted by redundancy based design
  • Lamp test capabilities
  • Built-In-Test capabilities
  • Easy connections to vessel system by terminal blocks

Unsurpassed experience is granted with a system feedback time resolution of milliseconds.
Pariani modular system is designed to operate in naval and harsh environment.
Pariani policy is intended to design and manufacture quality product.

Each modules is traced and tested as avionics products.

*Each custom console individually approved ABS, Lloyds, RINA as required